Rising Filmmaker Ashley Nicole on their New Project "Ghost in the Closet"

R: When you make a film, what is your biggest goal?

A: When I'm making a film I always want to attract an audience, so in order to do that and make sure people want to watch something I have to make it interesting. That's why a good story is important, stories intrigue the viewer.

"The goal is to leave an impression."

R: What are the best parts of your current filmmaking process, and what are the most challenging?

A: The best parts are the planning! I use storyboards instead of writing since it's easier and makes it more fun, not to mention you get a better feel of what your short film/film will look like. The most challenging however, would be making certain scenes come to life. not every scene in a movie is easy to make, sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to get it done.

R: Your most recent project, “Ghost in the Closet,” which dropped a few weeks ago, is an emotional story dealing with suicide and the aspects of life that hold meaning. What do you think is the importance of films that deal transparently and hopefully with mental health struggles?

A: The importance of films that deal with topics such as suicide and ,mental health are to paint a picture of what its like for people dealing with those struggles, its important to do it authentically so that if there's anyone out there watching can relate to it.

R: In many of your films, regardless of genre, there is generally dark cinematography, making the use of light all the more striking. How do you use light and color to convey your message?

A: Lighting is important, especially if you're making a horror film. it's meant to create and match the atmosphere of the story you're trying to tell. For example, in three creepy tales I use red lights to get the message across that it's creepy, uneasy and terrifying.

R: Many of your most recent films have been horror short stories. Do you see yourself moving more into this genre, or will you continue to make films in a variety of genres?

A: I like to move around a lot, I think I'll mainly stick to doing horror shorts since that's more up my alley. but i also enjoy doing drama shorts as well. a mix of both.

R: Last time we spoke, you shared that as much as you enjoy acting, you hope to move more into the role of professional director and editor. What do you enjoy most about putting a film together?

A: I love seeing it all come together, especially since I tend to doubt myself even before I've even finished filming. When I see it all come together so smoothly, it reassures me."

R: In your film “Three Creepy Tales,” you collaborate with your brother, Christian Gonzalez. What was your favorite part of the collaboration, and were there any difficulties?

A: I love working with my brother, he really makes the villain characters come to life! so it's a lot of fun. the most challenging thing that i encountered while filming, where all the different camera angles I had to do in order to make it seem more fun and so that the scenes could move smoothly as possible. But overall, that project was one of my favorites to work on.

R: What is your newest project? Are there any new films in the works?

A: I'm still currently coming up with some new ideas, hopefully this summer I'll be able to get back to working. but I do have another big project that I hope to work on soon.

R: Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

A: The only thing that I can say is to follow your dreams, no matter how big or impossible they may seem.

"If you're meant to do something then you can't hold back."

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