meet young artist Zaccaï, an up & coming 19-year-old musician from Brooklyn

Mia: Tell me a little about yourself, your name, your age, where you're from, and what you do.

Zaccaï: My name is Zaccaï, I'm 19, I'm from Brooklyn and I'm going to be starting school soon. But right now I’ve been taking the opportunity of summer break to be creative and focus on inspiration.

Mia: What school do you go to?

Zaccaï: I just got accepted into Marymount Manhattan, so that is where I’ll be starting in September.

Mia: Why did you first decide that you wanted to get involved in the music industry?

Zaccaï: I grew up in a really musical household, my dad always played music and it really inspired me. And he always gave us different genres to explore in. And I think when I was 14, I started guitar class and that was when I realized music was something I really had a passion for.

Mia: Who do you say are your biggest inspirations in the music industry?

Zaccaï: So right now, I'm mostly listening to anything indie or alternative. My favorite artists right now are Clairo, Tame Impala, and The Wallows.

Mia: What is your favorite lyric that you've written?

Zaccaï: I think my favorite lyrics are “There's no spark in the air, I need to get out of here,” because growing up I lived in the suburbs and there really wasn't much to do, so I always dreamed of moving back to the city, and that's the spark that I was longing for.

Mia: As a young artist, what are some of the biggest challenges you faced?

Zaccaï: I think the biggest challenges are that people tend to not take you seriously, and it's also very difficult to get attention and recognition, especially considering that there's so many artists who have other ways of getting more attention than you.

Mia: What is the biggest piece of advice you have for other young artists?

Zaccaï: I think to take it slow because I'm really bad at being patient. I'm always rushing, and I think it's so important to instead take time to focus on your creative inspirations and take each day at a time instead of feeling like there's a race that you have to finish.

To see more from Zaccaï, check out her insta & spotify!