meet Ashley Nicole, an up & coming indie filmmaker looking to make a difference

Ashley Nicole is an upcoming indie filmmaker/director from Harlingen, Texas. Nicole has already produced a dozen short films, several of which have won awards and honorable mentions at film festivals. Keep an eye out for their newest piece, “The Witches Tale,” releasing in late July.

Rachel: Have you always been interested in film? What initially drew you towards becoming a filmmaker?

Ashley: I've always been interested in filmmaking for as long as I could remember, but what initially drew me to becoming a filmmaker was just being able to make a story come to life on and off screen. As a filmmaker you have the power to either creep people out, make them cry or just laugh and have a good time, and I think that's another thing that drew me to it.

Rachel: In most of your short films, you play the role of actor, writer, director, and producer. Is there a certain one of the jobs you wish to move towards in the future?

Ashley: You know as much as I love acting, I hope one day to become a professional director along with being an editor since it's so much fun putting your projects together and seeing it come to life before your very eyes. But maybe if I had more practice as an actress then maybe I would consider also being that as well.

Rachel: Your beautifully produced short film, “Out of This World,” creates a dreamlike effect that allows for a variety of interpretations. What was your intention with this film, and is there a certain way you hope it will be interpreted?

Ashley: My intention for “Out of This World” was mainly just to confuse people, let them wonder what exactly it is about and what is happening. Not even I understood it but I just felt like it had to be made into a film, and I felt like it was meant to be made into a film.

Rachel: What has been your biggest difficulty in filmmaking, and how did you work to move past it?

Ashley: My biggest difficulty would be creating a scenery that people will love and that is eye catching to viewers. For example, my new project which is currently in production at the moment requires specific hue and color in every scene. Cinematography is very important, it acts as eye candy and stirs up emotions and feelings for those watching.

Rachel: In the films “A Happy Place” and “To Dream Land We Go,” you tackle incredibly difficult themes of abuse, trauma, and depression. What message do you hope people receive from these films?

Ashley: What I hope that people receive from those two films is that when people who experienced something traumatic from their childhood it can have and will have lasting effects on that person, no matter how big or small the situation was for them.

Rachel: Who do you think has been your biggest inspiration so far in your film career?

Ashley: My biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson. He was a genius when it came to music, art, and film; he was a legend, and even though I didn't know him personally, I've learned a lot from him just by reading about him; I've learned to spread love and kindness.

Rachel: What would be your advice to someone dreaming of becoming a filmmaker?

Ashley: My advice for young aspiring filmmakers would be to just let your ideas come to you. Don't stress yourself out trying to make the perfect film or video just let the ideas come naturally and don't be afraid to think outside the box because that's where all the best ideas are at.

Rachel: What is next for you? Do you have any exciting new projects you are working on?

Ashley: At the moment I'm filming a horror short film called “The Witches Tale, which should probably be coming out this July or next month!

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“… don’t be afraid to think outside the box because that’s where all the best ideas are at.”