meet alternative artist BabyJake & his new rock & roll sound

BabyJake is an alternative singer, songwriter, and producer from Fort Myers, Florida. Growing up with a love for classic rock, guitar, and partying, BabyJake’s sound moves more and more toward Rock and Roll. Give BabyJake’s newest single “Daddy’s Coming Home” a listen, and keep an eye out for much more to come!

Rachel: Have you always known you wanted to be a musician?

BabyJake: No, as a kid I wanted to play basketball, but music has always been part of my life.

Rachel: What, or who, has been your biggest inspiration in your music career?

BabyJake: Probably the Rolling Stones.

Rachel: I’ve seen that you have a considerable affinity for fashion. How do you think fashion influences your music, and vice versa?

BabyJake: I think it directly correlates. If the fashion doesn’t match the music, it doesn’t make sense and vice versa. For me, my fashion influence directly relates to my music because they’re both heavily influenced from the 70’s classic rock era.

Rachel: What is the main message behind your music? Is it rooted in a desire for expression, or sharing a certain point of view?

BabyJake: I just write music because it’s the easiest form of communication and to express my feelings.

Rachel: In the path to becoming a musician, I imagine there are a multitude of obstacles. What has been the biggest challenge for you thus far, and what would be your advice to someone wishing to begin a career in music?

BabyJake: I think my biggest challenge has been acceptance and understanding my music and myself. My advice would be to stay genuine to yourself.

Rachel: Your music is an incredibly interesting blend of styles. How do you balance these differing influences, and is there a certain musical direction you wish to move towards?

BabyJake: I’ve been inspired by different genres in the past, but I’m definitely going straight Rock & Roll.

Rachel: Your new single, “Daddy’s Coming Home,” releasing on June 30th, is a considerable dichotomy from your more eccentric, pop style in pieces like “Do I Fit In Your Shoes?” What inspired the darker, rock style of this new song?

BabyJake: I felt a shift in my energy and felt like I needed to lean into the Rock & Roll part of me. Definitely inspired by the Rolling Stones.

Rachel: Is “Daddy’s Coming Home” a part of a new, upcoming album? If so, how do you anticipate fitting this sound into your other styles?

BabyJake: Yes it is. This is the new sound.

Rachel: What inspired the use of the desert setting and Wild West theme of the “Daddy’s Coming Home” music video?

BabyJake: My friend Paris (who directed the music video) had this idea for a trailer park vibe for the video and I loved it, so we just ran with the concept.

Rachel: How did you formulate the idea for the lyrics and unconventional morality of the song’s story, and how do you feel this was reflected in the music video?

BabyJake: I couldn’t really tell you how I made the story, I just started with that first line, and the rest I rambled on about. I think the story and video came together perfectly. It always helps when you are working with close friends.

Rachel: Where can we find any upcoming music or new updates on your career?

BabyJake: Follow me everywhere @itsbabyjake.

For more of BabyJake, check out his insta & spotify!

“This is the new sound.”