maybe next time.

on that very rare occasion

that doesn't seem to come too often

or sometimes not even at all,

when it seems impossible to even happen

i fall in love with the presence

of another identity in my own personal space

and even when i desire solitude,

i fall into a pattern of yearning for touch and conversation and deep

emotional understanding

but maybe you just weren't right for

the sort of attention my mind desired

my body required

my heart acquired

maybe next time

you'll understand what it's like to have your

own space invaded and shattered into pieces

for you to clean up on your own

but that'll come with time,

it happens every time

illustration: lia ponciano-diaz

ig: @antoinettelamicah

"i am antoinette lamicah, a model, poet, and creative director, from fort hood, tx. i currently major in political science on the pre-law track at howard university in dc. my goal is to share my art with the world, in hopes that little brown girls will find a safe space within themselves and their talents and notice their true beauty as they gain inspiration from my work."