friends with your ex

It's about breaking up with your ex and the tensions that remain. No one is going to address but it's there and suddenly it's released.

Intoxicated. Drugged. Only after a week will we be back to normal, I think. We haven't seen each other since the last day of school but we have texted. No facetime calls. Just the usual flirting and texting about nothing and everything. The vague response. The nonsense. It's fun but brings nothing but also something. But deep down you crave more. More intimacy. We would never say it but we both know it.

Love, let's talk about love.Is it anything and everything you hoped for? Or do the feelings haunt you? I know the feeling haunt you

This is your sign not to talk to your ex. Or do. Can't really tell you what to do.

Late night video call just to keep me company knowing I'll just sit there working. That's all i need

The next day, barely centimeters away. There are no words for it. I don't know how to describe it. Nothing bad between us

Months pass. Only twice in person and exactly 5 facetime calls since august. No more words spoken.

Interactions are futile. What's the point? Everything is clear. You can’t be friends with your ex.

Blocked on one account, not blocked on the other account. I don't ask questions. No talk of it. Unblocked. I Was surprised. You have moved on but why that's that question that stays there for days. Why block and unblock me if we never spoke. But that thought passes your head. Move on with life. But all the memories are still in your phone. Can't look at them the same. It doesn't hurt just a reminder. A reminder that you can't be friends with your ex.

Illustration by Lia Ponciano-Diaz