meet DidJaws & his newly released EPs

DidJaws is an imaginative artist well-versed in the world of synthetic techno and experimental music. From this, he produced an album in 2018 called Glitched World. Since then he has also released two EPs titled Memories of A Devastated Civilization (2019) and Home Made Techno (2020). Electing to break out from more popular methods of making music, DidJaws stays true to himself in each new project he releases. Whether or not the sound compliments any listener’s ear, his compassion and dedication to what he does can be universally admired.

This 2021, DidJaws returns with Faraway, set to be released on June 25. In his music, he explores concepts that carry a reflection in today’s society, and presents ideas worth contemplating. Though music is meant as a reprieve for most, it is also important to learn from the experiences of artists and entertain new ideas. Having discussed the relationship between man and machine in a postmodern world before, he has now brought forward the idea of travel in all of its forms.

Journeys to new lands as well as the spiritual trip, including elevation for the mind and soul, are two key points in his upcoming album. To communicate this, DidJaws develops more complex atmospheres than before complete with ambient and new age electronic backgrounds. The range of this album is pleasing, one track longer and centered around music you may dance to, and the next slower and darker, serving far more psychedelic energy.

Through the influence of music, DidJaws offers a place to escape and to ruminate on the state of the world- past, present, and future.

Initially the beginning of The Greatest Mirror of the Sea caught my attention, but as the music continued to build, I felt submerged, eager for what sound would come next. With simple sounds reminiscent of the sea repeated and layered with meticulous care, the music becomes complex and pleasing to the ear. Throughout my first listen I envisioned this as a backing track to a movie or even a game. Both of these options surrounded the sea and the reflection of it, as the title intends. The contents of this one summoned to mind images of walking into a body of water step by step until you’re floating on your back with your eyes upturned to the sky.

This song is amazingly atmospheric along with doing just what DidJaws intended: that is, achieving the goal he set previously. This music has very psychedelic connotations, bringing forward ideas of consciousness and elevation, which take listeners on a journey. I confess that when the track came to an end I found myself excited to listen to more.

In music, it’s never just about the quality of the lyrics or the backing instrumentals, nor does it entirely concern the range of the vocals either. To me, it is a unique blend dependent on what the listener values. What one defines as art can obviously be what someone else defines as a work in progress. I can be sure that whoever does take a listen to DidJaws’ music will be tuning into not only the well-done songs, but even engaging in the experience that is allowing yourself and your train of thought to flow just as the elements of the music do.

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