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pat li | editor


hey! my name is pat & i started FTF in november of 2020 as a safe space for young creatives to express themselves & bring awareness to topics they care deeply about. my job is to oversee everything that is put in the magazine & i also edit the issues & website. i love thrifting, listening to music, & i also love running :)


evie grimmitt | photographer


my name is evie grimmitt & i am the photographer for FTF! i am 18 years & have been doing photography since i was 15. it has become my biggest passion & I am excited to create for this team!


ira swatimanish | graphic d


hii! i'm ira & am currently studying Fine Arts in Paris. i love giving write-ups a visual & that is exactly what i'm doing for the team. i love food, pretty nails & jewelry! <3 


lia ponciano-diaz | graphic d


my name is lia, the zine’s graphic designer & illustrator! my job includes producing graphics and small illustrations that add interest to the magazine. good graphics are central to communicating the important messages we address here in from the future zine, & i hope that my designs are successfully achieving that. :)


refat roja | graphic d


hi! i'm currently a sophomore at the University of Florida, majoring in biology on a pre-med track. i love painting, photography, reading, & listening to music. my all-time favorite artist is The Weeknd! i watch a lot of TV shows & movies & am always looking for recs :)) 


mia alexander | writer


hi, i’m mia alexander! i’m currently a senior in high school in washington DC. i’m super passionate about intersectional feminism & social justice. when i'm not studying, i love to bake brownies, go to thrift stores, & read new books.


saige cooke | writer


i'm currently a freshman to St. Johns University & plan on majoring in childhood education. i'm also into social justice, politics, fashion, arts, makeup, & activism. in my free time i love to write & listen to music & would probably do it all day if she could. i own a pet turtle & love anything spicy & vintage.


rachel parks | writer


my name is rachel parks & i’m seventeen years old. i play tennis, do yoga, & read in my free time. i’m very passionate about writing & i always have a song stuck in my head - right now i’m loving “The Marfa Tapes”!


del elizabeth | writer


hi! my name is del & i am 18 years old. i love the dramatic arts, reading, & of course writing!! i tend to write lots of poetry & fiction, but enjoy essays/articles as well. i'm very passionate about lgbtq+ rights & social justice. also, i hope to study psychology in the future :) 


naysa sutherlin | writer


hi! Ii’m naysa & i’m sixteen years old. i have a great love for writing as a whole ranging from poetry & short stories to writing full-length books & essays. i enjoy classic literature, jazz & classical music, tea, anime, acting & old films! currently i listen to a lot of Mitski & my favorite book is No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai :)


sam natayla | writer


hi, i'm sam & i'm 17 years old. i'm a high school senior in southern california, and i'm passionate about music, film, and global issues! i love making spotify playlists and pinterest boards in my free time, as well as playing basketball and running track <3


tang lanyun | writer


i’m lanyun, 16! i have a wide range of interests, spanning melancholy, offbeat literature to punk rock. as you can imagine, i’m very passionate about the arts, being myself a dedicated writer and multi-instrumentalist. if i could have one wish, it would be for all people to be able to live freely and without fear. oh, and my favourite band is Interpol :) 


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